Over 24,000 design and construction professionals entered the 2011 IBS showhome through doors created by Preston Studios.  The studio worked with interior designer Kate Clarke to produce works incorporating hand painted and fired elements by Stanley Klopfenstine, resulting in an “American Empire” period look.  You can read more about this amazing event in 2011 at: http://www.builderonline.com/design/the-new-american-home-2011_o

Or you can watch an almost 10 minute video showing the process of how this unique entrance came to be:

Working with the NAHB as well as Farina & Sons Construction Preston Studios created a half-round custom window for the master bedroom suite in  TNAR (The New American Remodel).   The design is meant to compliment the transitional modern chandelier hanging in front of it.  Below, Jerry Preston at the installation this past November.